• LabCal Solutions is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory
    servicing the analytical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, cosmetic and food industries

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Calibration • Validation • Inspection

LabCal Solutions - an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory - is a servicing company for analytical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, cosmetic and food industries.

With our technical capabilities and experiences for the past 20 years in calibration, validation, qualification and technical inspection, we provide to the industries comprehensive solutions to maintain the integrity and the quality of their activities by servicing a wide range of production and laboratory equipment, production and packaging plants as well as storage and distribution facilities.

Due to our presence on different continents, Labcal Solutions is capable to supply the same level of servicesand to provide the same quality documentations to all clients implanted worldwide by following their internal global requirements as well as all national and international industries requirements.

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Our Services

Labcal Solutions offers:

On-site & In Laboratories Calibration Services

Labcal Solutions offers on site or in our laboratories verification and accredited calibration services. With our technician’s capabilities and experiences, our services are covering a wide range of multi-brand production and laboratory equipment and instrumentation.

Our accreditations guarantee our calibration results and measurement studies to be traceable to all international systems in all countries that are signatory to the ILAC-MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement). All our calibration certificates comply with all ISO requirements.

Our services cover:



  Pressure & vacuum;


  Speed rotation;



Equipment List

  • Incubator;
  • Oven;
  • Climatic chamber;
  • Fridge, Freezer;
  • Autoclave, Sterilizer;
  • Centrifuge & Mixer;
  • Ambient storage area;
  • Negative & Positive storage area;
  • Monitoring system;
  • Fluid bed dryer;
  • Blister line;
  • Water plant;
  • Bio generator;
  • Various production & processing equipment;
  • etc…

Instrument List

  • Liquid in glass thermometer;
  • Digital Thermometer;
  • Thermo-Hygrometer;
  • Recorder & Data logger;
  • Micro Pipette, Dispenser;
  • Temperature sensor;
  • Display;
  • Pressure gauge;
  • Vacuum gauge;
  • Timer;
  • Ph meter;
  • Conductivity meter;
  • etc…

On-site Thermal and Climatic Studies

Additionally, Labcal Solutions provide thermal and climatic measurement study for all type of storage areas (positive and negative temperature), stability and sterilisation equipment (climatic chamber, oven, incubator, sterilizer, etc..).

Labcal Solutions is able to perform study from very large areas (ex: warehouse) up to laboratory bench equipment by using accurate and reliable data loggers calibrated against international traceable equipment. All loggers can be verified pre-study and post study execution.

For special projects, Labcal Solutions is using Validators (21CFR11) that comply with all Pharmaceutical requirements. All our thermal mapping certificates comply with all ISO requirements.

Equipment and Instrument List

  • Incubator thermal mapping (temperature);
  • Oven thermal mapping (temperature);
  • Climatic chamber thermal mapping (temperature & humidity);
  • Fridge thermal mapping (temperature);
  • Freeze rthermal mapping (temperature);
  • Autoclave thermal mapping (temperature);
  • Sterilizer thermal mapping (temperature);
  • Warehouse thermal mapping, (temperature & humidity);
  • Cold room & Freezer room thermal mapping (temperature);
  • Cold chain thermal study (temperature);
  • Drying oven & tunnel thermal mapping (temperature);
  • Bio Generator thermal mapping (temperature)

Validation & Qualification Services

Through our Validation Department, we are able to assist our clients on various levels from consulting on validation up to executing full qualification & validation process for a wide range of laboratory, process and production equipment.

Our scope is covering Pre-Quallification, Validation Protocol, Execution, Data Analysis, Validation Report supported with: 

  • Risk Assessment, User Requirements Specification (URS), Functional and Design Specification Report (FDS);
  • Design Qualification (DQ), Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ & OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ);
  • Quality system documentation (SOP’s / Logbooks / Checklists).

Technical Inspection Services

As preventive inspection of equipment is part of all the GMP and GLP requirements, besides the calibration & validation services we have implemented a preventive technical program which is applicable for all type of equipment.

On a periodic basis we perform a preventive technical inspection which is fully documented and covering all the critical technical points that will guarantee the integrity of the equipment and can anticipate any potential problem which could occur.

All our technical inspections are fully documented with comprehensive reports.

Scope of Accreditations

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